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Players of all ages are welcome to play Archery Tag! You and your family, friends (or enemies), or teammates can compete against each other for your next party or hangout. Competitors will love the exciting action of Archery Tag 


Archery Tag is a unique sport that combines elements of dodgeball or other combat-type games with the timeless skills of archery. Players take aim at each other with our non-lethal arrows to score points or eliminate opposing team members. 

Archery Tag is a great activity for your next party, family reunion, or group night out.



At the Arctic Rec Center!

4855 Arctic Blvd.

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$50 per hour  - Group Equipment Rental

$75 per hour - Single Court Rental

(up to 12 people)

$150 per hour - Double Court Rental

(up to 24 people)

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