Frequently Asked Questions

The Center Inc. is a non-profit corporation created by the Faith Christian Community.

What is the organizational structure?
The Center has a three-to-five member board of directors who each serve two-year terms.

How will The Center be staffed?
An executive director manages The Center.  There shall be staff sufficient to operate the facility in a professional manner including a program director who may recommend potential partnerships with other established sports programs to provide the highest quality recreational experience. Volunteers have been recruited to some positions to hold costs down, but we expect to identify other full-time or part-time paid positions as those needs arise and as supported by the annual operating budget.

How will fees be determined? What kinds of opportunities will be available to the community without fee?
Multiple types of programs are offered including fee
-based offerings and non-fee based offerings. The facility must be managed to become and remain financially sustainable.  Fees are expected to be comparable to similar programs in the area and are determined with an understanding that some members of the community cannot afford to pay required fees. We shall seek grants and donations to help provide scholarship opportunities. Non-fee based offerings may need to be funded by benefactors who see the value of a particular program to the community.

What are the facility resources?
The Center is a multiuse facility located on 16 acres at 4855 Arctic Blvd. The property includes a building covering 25,306 square feet as well as two regulation size soccer fields with parking for 150 vehicles and room to expand. The gym contains two full basketball courts with standard gym Maplewood flooring. The commons area includes four classrooms and an open space for meetings, group exercise programs, student activities or other group programs.

Will the facility be used as a daycare facility or school?  The Center may offer before/after-school recreational camps as a part of our overall program plan. These camps will not be daycare.

How many offices are in The Center?
The Center has provided for one main office for the executive director and one other staff member, and a second larger office for the vollunteer coordinator, vollunteers and the various staff. The gym includes one room to accommodate audio/visual equipment and a work desk. A movable reception desk will be in the center of the commons area near the coffee shop.