How does 'The Center' financially sustain itself?

Sponsorships – The Center is a 501 (c) (3) Non-profit corporation. We ask for donations and sponsorships.  
Programs - Center program criteria: Faith, Family, Fitness, Fun. Partnering with existing sports, churches, businesses, and other organizations and renting them Facility space.  The Center is developing its own programs that require major volunteer involvement to plan and execute.


Doner Comments

Thank You!

The Center was gifted with a washing machine and TV.  "Thank You" to the individuals for these generous donations.

Thermo Challenge Spring 2017

Donation Items Needed

If you have one of the items below and it is in good condition, or, if you would like to purchase one of the items to donate, please contact Executive Director, Bryan Underwood at The Center, 868-3270 |
Quantity  Item | Use

1         push lawn mower  |  mowing around the building & front yard
1         electric dryer    
6         tripod sprinklers  |   watering grass & sports fields
1         utility cart or golf cart  |  moving hoses for watering & transporting injured off outdoor fields
1         gas weed trimmer  |  trimming around the property
1         AED  |  Indoor & outdoor use in case of emergency
45       12" wide lockers  |  for men's and women's restrooms
6         6' benches   |  assist clients in changing locker & shower areas
5         first aid kit (wall hung) |  mounting first aid kit in each room for easy access in case of injury
1         first aid kit in bag |  for use on outdoor sports fields
1         blood borne pathogens clean-up kit (wall hung) | staff/volunteers have proper supplies to clean up hazardous items
2         storage cabinets  |  one for each shower room for cleaning supplies
6         back to school supplies | backpacks, school supplies, and clothing for kids in the summer camp
20 ea  40 gallon clear plastic bins with attached lid covers | for program equipment storage
6 ea    55 gallon trash cans with lids (Rubbermaid Brute) | for program equipment storage
6 ea    55 gallon trash can wheels | protects flooring when sliding the full cans of equipment